What to Eat, See & Do in Manaus, Brazil

For the first leg of our trip, my aunt & I headed north, to a city called Manuas . Certainly, being surrounded by the Amazon comes with its benefits and we quickly, realised there is so much to explore in & around the city. I figured I'd make a little list of some things you MUST experience in the Amazon - even the stuff we missed out on.


I put so many weird things in my mouth in Manaus. From the fruits to the strange fish to a soup that numbed my tongue and even alligator- all weird but all good.


a breakfast sandwich you will find at every corner, made of tucumã, banana pacova & the freshest cheese.

I'm not a fan of river fish but this wasn't bad. It's good fried. 

Tucumã Ice cream
made from a local palm fruit. Find it at an icecream shop near the Opera House.

Popular soup in Northern Brazil made with a numbing herd leaf called jumbu, a wild cassava broth called tucupi and dried shrimp. My absolute favourite.

the realest Açãi you will ever taste is in the north, so get it.  

Quick Tip: 
Restuarante Banzeiro
Tacacá de Gisele
Casa do Pensador Caipirinhas R$7


 Amazon day tour with Amazon Eco Adventures
With little time to spare in Manaus, this tour was the perfect option for us. We spent the entire day on the still waters of the Amazon. Highlights of our day- the meeting of the waters, teasing piraracu & the lunch buffet.

*I regret not choosing the more exclusive option- A con of being frugal. 

Wander Around the Markets
As my aunt would say, markets tell you so much about the people. Head down to the Mercado Dolpho Lisboa and  if you're extra curious like us, cross over to the Mercado Moderno, to see all that the Amazon has to offer- I have never seen so much river fish and big ass fruits in my life. It was too real.

Overnight in the Amazon
It hurt my soul that we didn't have enough time to do this but if you have 2/3 days you're willing to dedicate to a real experience, DO IT. DO IT FOR ME. I found this company that has some really cool packages and I swear I'm going back just for this. Check out Iguana Tours for more info.

Other cool places: 
Presidente Figueiredo
Museu da Amazonia
Praia Rio Negro

The Opera House


The Opera House
After a long 15 years to be completed, this beauty was first opened in 1897. It was planned by Italian architect Celestial Sacardim and brought to life by artists and materials from all over Europe. The Manaus Opera House is a major part of both Manaus' and Brazil's history and is worth the visit. Check online or your hotel for the weekly performance schedule and hopefully, you will be as lucky as us and get to fully experience the gem that is the Manaus Opera House. If not, take an uber there around 4:30 p.m walk around & chill at the bars nearby.

The View from the Amazon Museum's Tower
Great way to admire and celebrate the natural beauty of the dense Amazon forest at 138 feet.

Quick info:
Accommodation: Hotel Adrianópolis All Suítes
Transport: Uber
Best time to go: June/July

Quick tips:

  • Stay hydrated, Manaus is hot. 
  • Mosquito repellent is a must. 
  • Naturalista?  Protective styling is your only option, Manaus is not twist out friendly. 

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